Guittek services for your musical string instruments.

Guitar repair services in Oulu, Finland. The services include any type of repairs, preventive maintenance, setup, intonation, change of pickups, modifications, paint, customization and much more!

Guitar repair service for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, steel guitar, pedal guitar, bass guitar. Also violin, viola, double bass, banjo, ukulele and the list goes on and on. Also for bowed instruments re-hair service and piano tuning. If it has strings and it makes sounds then it is under our ability.

To treat your musical instrument as the gem that represents for you it is the company responsibility. 100% Guaranteed with the experience that support Guittek.

General services:

-Acoustic Guitar setup 30,00 €

-Electric Guitar Fixed Bridge / Bass setup 30,00 € (+ 8 € with custom set strings)

-Electric Guitar Standard/Vintage Tremolo setup 40,00 € (+ 8 € with custom set strings)

-Electric Guitar Floating Bridge (Floyd Rose, Khaler, Schaler etc) setup 50,00 € (+ 8 € with custom set strings)

-Fret Levelling and Polishing 100,00 €

-Full Refret 180,00 €

-Partial Refret.  from 80,00 €

-Nut Change (includes nut setup) from 50,00 €

-Nut Setup 40,00 €

-Complete Finishing from 200,00 €

-Complete Scalloping 180,00 €


Electronics services:

-Rewiring 50,00 €

-Jack Change 20,00 €

-Pickup Change from 40,00 €

-Potentiometers Change from 20,00 €

-Switch Change from 20,00 €

-Piezo Installation from 80,00 €


Bowed Services:

-Re-hairing Violin/Viola 60,00 €

-Re-hairing Cello 70,00 €

-Re-hairing Bass 80,00 €


If you are looking for a job/service and is not listed, it can be calculate at an average of 30,00 € per hour of work and/or design; minimum charge for check 20,00 € (deductible to the cost of the service), any questions do not hesitate to contact. All prices with VAT 24% included.


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