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Project #0202207

Päivitetty: 24. heinäk. 2022

This project took more than what it needed to take to be ready, but that's just the way it is when you order a Custom Guitar from a Luthier, and that's why these types of projects are not for everyone. With that said I'm really happy with the results, especially because this was my first CNC-made project, which in fact I would say is more of a Hybrid Build because both CNC and Hand Operations were used equally.


  • 8 String 27" Scale

  • Wenge Neck

  • Ebony Fretboard

  • Roasted Swamp Ash Body

  • Burl Poplar Top

  • Stainless Frets

  • 22" Radius

  • Schaller Hannes Bridge

  • Sperzel Tuners

  • Seymour Duncan Pickups

  • Volume Pot and 3-way Toggle Switch

All in all this project took about one and a half years, mainly due to the incorporation of the CNC machine into the shop. The body was completely made on the CNC, and the neck was entirely made by hand. As for the finish, Alcohol Base Stains and Water Borne Lacquer were used for the top. The sides and back were sealed with Shellac and then oiled with Danish Oil.

Disclaimer: By the look of the following pictures you'll realize where the inspiration is coming from, and I repeat the word inspired because the guitar wasn't just copied, and I'm not using the Original name in any form or shape here, this is a 100% Guittek made Guitar from the Lowbrow Series.

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